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Greenheart Shop: Company for a Cause

GHS_LogoWe welcome back Greenheart Shop to Hope for the Holidays! Greenheart Shop offers everything from organic clothing and handmade jewelry to fair trade chocolate, hand-painted ceramics, and sophisticated home goods. Everything is either eco-friendly, supports a local social enterprise, or is sourced from artisans who are paid a living wage for their craft.

From fun socks to thoughtfully designed kitchenware, Greenheart Shop’s curated collection works to better serve people and communities. Greenheart works directly with artisan groups in Guatemala, Peru, and Tunisia who handmake gorgeous textiles, glass, wood products, and ceramics. Every item in the collection carries a story of the inspiring individual who made it.

Artisan Spotlights

El Tun – Loom Woven Towels

pastedImage-2Four brothers in Antigua, Guatemala started El Tun twenty-five years ago to preserve and share their traditional methods of weaving. They inherited a rich history of passion and quality which is spun into each fiber on their looms, powered by nothing more than the pulse of their feet. It’s from the very beat of their foot on the treadle that these four brothers took their name. El Tun references the traditional drum found throughout Guatemala. The steady beat of their work preserves both tradition and their environment by forgoing machinery.

Le Souk Ceramique – Hand Painted CeramicspastedImage-3

Nestled on the Mediterranean coast in Nabeul, Tunisia the artisans of Le Souk Ceramique utilize ancestral techniques to hand paint each stoneware ceramic. These artisans forgo machines, decals, and stencils in favor of freehand artistry, which makes each piece truly one-of-a-kind. LeSouk Ceramique provides steady work and skills for their artisans putting their reliance on human ingenuity over machinery to better serve our environment.

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