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Empowering Survivors: Women at Risk International

Women At Risk, International (WAR, Int’l) is a nonprofit organization focusing on the rescue and restoration of those who are exploited and at risk. Partnering with safehouses and other intervention projects across the globe, WAR, Int’l offers shelter, education, job skill training, and more, restoring worth and dignity to broken lives. When you purchase WAR, Int’l products, you empower survivors around the world to work with dignity and lead lives of hope and promise. Ninety percent of every sale goes back into programs that bring safety and restoration to those at risk, speaking worth into their lives and empowering them toward futures of promise. Thank you for helping create circles of protection and hope around women, men, and children in the US and around the world.

How funds from products like War Int’l Restoration Coffee help in Indonesia: Sujatmi’s story

In some ways Sujatmi’s home could be a very full place—with ten siblings how could it not be? Home could also be a very empty place because of the recent loss of her father and little money. The host of struggles plaguing her family, including alcoholism and drug abuse, only added to the pain Sujatmi felt. Her new home at Restoration of Indonesia is quite different from life back home. Here, Sujatmi feels safe, has the opportunity to go to school, learn English, and is excited to see her life change. Now, life is full of hope as she heals from her brokenness. Funds from Restoration Coffee help enable Sujatmi and other girls to live with dignity.

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